E l e g a n t w i n e s w i t h c h a r a c t e r b o r n f r o m t h e l o v e f o r t h e B o l g h e r i a r e a a n d i t s c u l t u r e

The company is located on the central Tuscan coast founded in 2000 by Khanh Nguyen and Franco Batzella. The Bolgheri area is enchanting, surrounded as it is by rolling hills and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its land and its micro climate allow the Cabernet varieties, now autochthonous to Bolgheri, to reach full maturity and to produce wines that can be distinctly original.


“Raising vines is like raising children: the most difficult aspect is not to be in a hurry and not to
impose yourself, you have to understand them and be able to get the best out of both.”
Khanh Nguyen
All the vines come from a specialized nursery in France. There are 5 different Cabernet Sauvignon clones, which allows us to optimize aromas and complexity


“In Bolgheri, between the hills and the sea, the Cabernets produce wines with a typically Mediterranean profile while possessing an elegance reminiscent of their northern cousins. ”
Franco Batzella

For us, wine is made first of all in the vineyard with the best grapes possible. Cabernets in Bolgheri are capable of giving great wines with a character deeply linked to the soil and climate of the territory from which they come, wines that are by no means standardized and globalized , but which offer that original elegance with the unrepeatable Mediterranean expression that identifies them from its Atlantic cousins in Bordeaux.

3 Red Wines: Tâm Bolgheri Superiore DOC, Peàn Bolgheri Rosso DOC, Vox Loci Cabernet Franc
IGT Toscana.
1 White Wine: Mezzodì Bolgheri Bianco DOC.

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