T h e C e l l a r


The bunches are selected and harvested by hand in the vineyard and then make a 5-minute trip to the cellar where the whole berries obtained from a very careful and soft destemming are transferred to the tank for fermentation.

Picking in this way by hand, we make a tank of about 50 hl of pressed grapes with start of fermentation at the end of the same day.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats under temperature control and totally manual management; in general it takes about 18-20 days.

During this important phase, our task is to accompany the good progress of the fermentation of each tank with the minimum possible intervention.

After alcoholic fermentation, some wines are aged in French oak barrels (225 liter barriques, 500 liter tonneaux and 20hl casks, new and of 3-4 passages).


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